Monday, November 22, 2010

Entractive Enigma~~

its been too long since the last time i've updated this blog. my hands also feels numb-like when i'm typing in english. and yes, my english is now at the critical point at some reason..

to start the new story, i would like to introduce to my newest hobby and my likely-to-have gadgets. (these gadgets are not Personal Computer / handphone / I-pod nor Blackberry. and for your information, i'm not even feel to have a Blackberry in my life. hahahaha.

Gibson Les Paul Custom James Hetfield

James Hetfield with Gibson Explorer

Ibanez Gio GRG360X.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Engine Reaving up again!!!!

The Zahir Racing Team will roar again this October 8-9 at Melaka International Motorsport Circuit (MIMC)
everybody are mostly welcome and see my car roaring against all.


 Me as the crew

team members engraved
with the Big Boss Daddy Dr Zahir Hasan

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my successfull project~~~

hehe.. recently, i have involved in a team that been tasked to build a racing car (single seated) just like a F1 car. but using motorcycle engine under 131 cc. my team has successful building the car in less then 2 month. but being disqualified for the last minutes for the  discrimination for us to bring the name of Universti Teknikal Malaysia (UTeM)/... well, what can i said?? the culprit from UPM, Dr Tuah, UTM kuala lumpur and some of the childish IKBN and Polytechnics of shah alam who are scare when saw our car at the first test run a day before. where all the cars being tested at the testing day all been taking out and even 2 cars from the stupid UPM and polytechnics of Kota Bharu also lost control and turning front to back after being followed and being scared by our cars. well, what can i say?? when malaysian organized an event, we will get this kind of event. 

see my cars at here~~ and please do leave some comments

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Hobby

as the time changes, i'm now had my new hobby..
much safer then modifying motorcycle..
it is playing Remote Control Car or RC car..
there are various of sports in RC field such as touring and drifting and body-job competition.
i have been playing in the drifting and touring category now. comparing these two sports, drifting is much more cheap to play then touring sport. it is because, the part and perfomance of the RC car in drifting is not requiring very fast engine and very grip tire. it is enough to have 32 - 15 turn- engine. (note:: lower turn means faster engine)
the tire of the drift car is also can be made at home by the player  themself because it is only need a spesific size of VU pipes.
touring car in other side, need faster engines (15-2.5 turn-engine).. it is because this sport is all about speed and who can reach the finish line first. drifting, in other though, is not about speed or who can reach the finish line first, but it is all about the style and skills of the drift..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Passion eh??

hello all my friends.
recently, i've found new hobby, much2 safer then modifiying my bike.
it is playien RC car or Remote Control Car.
it is much more fun, safe and money-saver compaered to modifiying my bike.
now, i can do my own drifting session anywhere i am, and race with people witout making any trouble to the authority.
i'll upload the image of my RC car next time.
by playing RC car, i'm now able to get to know more people with different interest, and maybe someday, can help me in finding jobs, hopefully, yeah.
well, as my RC car now can reach up to 120 km/h, i'm too thrilled to wrote my blog.. hahaha
but, this new hobby comes with the price, as my education can be disturbed (hopefully not), and the spare parts are quite expensive as the 'tire bracket' itself is RM40 pe pair for 1 tire, and for 4 tire, u make the calculation then. but, as i said, no hobby comes with no price at all. but, it is far more safer and fun.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

new semester, new pain, new gain, new struggle

early this year, i've start a new semester..
well, some said that this semester will be a best semester, some said it is like a cannonball..
but by me, its a killer semester, with super-hard courses and subjects yet to be studied and stood-die??
Thermodynamics 1, Modern Control Eng., Mechanical Vibration, Machine Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Sosio Ekonomi and Technical Comunications
so, by now i think, its hard and painful struggle in from of me now

Friday, December 4, 2009


everytime we got health problems, we always asked to go to the local hospital n health center. the government always pursue us to get local medical intention, Institue Jantung Negara (IJN), University Hospitals, and many more. we never been recomended to go to overseas and get the foreign medical intentions. we also been asked to use the 'made in malaysia' products in our daily life, car and many more. we also always been asked to go holiday in our country and enjoy our country's beautifulness and unique. all the Malaysian citizens and comonners always been told to use Malaysian products and services. but, why our high-ranked persons (VIPs), Sultans, YBs and country icons always goes to overseas to get medical intentions and use foreign products like cars and other stuff?? is it some kinds of hypocritical things just to show us malaysian product is not enough to be used by them??
or even their heart cannot be cured by Malaysian doctors and Malaysian hospital??
is it their heart is different then any others Malaysian people??
is it Malaysian cars is a junk??
or else, is Malaysian Doctors and Hospital is unfortunately useless and dumb, rather to be just a doll and cannot treat them???
as i'm thinking, these persons should show all the citizen that our products is good enough to be on top user's list, and best medical intention is in Malaysia itself. how do our product can be the best of the best??
do we see any foreigners came to Malaysia to treat their knee?? or even to get an heart operations??? when will that happen if all the Malaysia Icons and powerful persons still get foreigners expertise instead of our homeland. is this still going, just forget the Wawasan 2020 things and Malaysia Maju things.. just HYPOCRITE